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Create an "Import me to help you" service brand!

Working with thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, serving with heart, perfecting, looking at customer needs, surpassing customer expectations

Global procurement import door-to-door one-stop service platform

Large platform, high efficiency, guaranteed, fast customs clearance

Core Products

Communicate with customers and listen to business needs,
Provide one-stop import solutions.

  • Food&alcohol

    The company has a sincere and efficient customs clearance capability. We are committed to building the most professional and efficient food and beverage import declaration agent platform in China! Professional food import customs agent, food customs clearance in the bonded area, food Chinese label design filing agent, food storage agency in the bonded area, food import process consultation, food import logistics cost budget, accurate control of food clearing key difficulties.
  • Old&New EQ

    Provide global door-to-door one-stop service such as import and export rights, equipment code classification, agent import documents (O certificate), old equipment filing, medium inspection, shipping, import customs clearance. Import categories: general equipment, hardware equipment, textile equipment, plastic machinery, etc.
  • Log board

    Our company has rich experience in importing logs and plates at Shanghai and Taicang ports. 1. Familiar with the import price of logs/boards in Russia, Canada, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Eastern Europe, Australia and Africa; 2. Provide customers with fast disinfection, fumigation, quarantine and customs clearance at the port; 3. Save terminal fees, The cabinet rental fee is convenient for picking up the goods at the fastest time.
  • Chemicals

    Chemical products import services: general chemical products: industrial raw materials, chemical products, household chemicals, dye coatings, reagents, information chemicals, food additives, adhesives, catalysts, etc. Provide professional customs clearance for import customs, trailers, inbound shipping, cargo loading and unloading, etc.
  • Cosmetic

    Provide cosmetic food and food supervision bureau filing, import consultation, foreign delivery, import customs clearance, logistics and distribution one-stop service. The products are available in various cosmetics from Korea, Japan, and Europe.
  • Farm produce

    The import and export process of agricultural and sideline products is: the receipt and delivery of the consignor - the pre-examination of the commodity inspection label - inspection - customs clearance - inspection - release - issued a health certificate. All kinds of fruits, frozen beef, pork, chicken, frozen fish and shrimp, etc.
  • RUNSENT Logistics

    About us

    Shanghai Runheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international freight forwarding enterprise integrating shipping, air transportation and import customs declaration.

    • The price is precisely transparent

      The price of precise transparency allows you to avoid
      high shipping costs Freight forwarding trap.
    • Private Customer Service

      Run Heng communicates with customers one-on-one, pin
      right Provide professional services for them.
    • Professional Services

      Air Freight Shipping, Run Weighing Customized Exclusive
      Freight Forwarding Solutions.
    International freight forwarder

    Customer import success story

    RUNSENT For different companies, different customers, different ports, more than 10 major categories, more than 500 common products, develop a one-stop door-to-door logistics solution!

    Food & Drink
    Old & New Equipment
    Chemical Raw Materials
    Logs & Furniture
    Normal Goods

    Runsent service network is spread all over the country, and its strength is guaranteed

    25 years of import customs clearance / import customs agent experience, 12 branches, 600 professional team

    And the company's overseas departments and branches have their own import logistics team and customs brokers

    Imported financial value-added services


    Runseng Group has been adhering to the service tenet of "integrity, responsibility, teamwork and dedication" since its establishment. Since its establishment, it has won the recognition of more than 50,000 companies and established a long-term cooperative partnership.

    • Signing a trade contract                             

      Runseng provides customers with professional foreign trade contract signing services based on accumulated practical cases for many years, which can reduce friction and risk in international trade for enterprises.

    • Collection/payment                             

      T/T wire transfer is a method of remittance from a remittance applicant, sending a telex telex or SWIFT to a branch in another country to pay a certain amount to the payee.

    • Generation tax

      Runseng can replace the customs tax for enterprises, so that enterprises no longer apply for slow payment, worry about approval, reduce costs for enterprises, and speed up customs clearance.

    • Purchasing Finance                             

      With the "Internet + Foreign Trade" innovative service model, Blue Sea Camel provides you with one-stop customs clearance, bank settlement, advance tax refund and full-service advancement.

    • Delivery Letter of Credit

      Letter of credit, L/C, is a written document issued by the bank to the beneficiary at the request of the applicant for the issuance of a certain amount of time and promised to pay within a certain period of time

    Work with the company and work together to win!

    Shanghai Runseng is not only an import customs clearance/import customs brokerage service provider for non-core businesses, but also a strategic partner for corporate development

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